Thursday, April 16, 2009

Google Android SDK 1.5 Early Look

A few days ago, a pre-release of the Google Android SDK 1.5 was released.

Google Android is an operating system for mobile phones. I had to write a program for it in April 2008 (as one of my University Assigned Practical Tasks), back when there was no mobile phone supporting it, and when the SDK was so alpha or beta that it didn't even have a version number and was identified by a milestone number and release number.

Today, the SDK appears to have matured a lot, and so have the tools that come with it, including the emulator. Out of curiosity, I re-installed the Android SDK to see how the emulator changed over the past year. Below are a couple of screenshots.

Anyone wishing to install this pre-release version should follow the instructions on the pre-release page since there are a few differences from the procedure described by the current SDK documentation. Also, running the emulator has become slightly more complex, because of the extra step of having to create an AVD (Android Virtual Device). This tiny complication is for the better, however, as it allows you to create several different emulator configurations.

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